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Genesee Serves envisions Genesee County as a thriving and cohesive community that is enriched by service to and with each other.



Genesee Serves creates positive impact in Genesee County by building the capacity of individuals, organizations, and the community for meaningful volunteer service.



Collaboration, innovation, and community impact



Volunteerism is vital to a thriving and unified Genesee County and state of Michigan. Genesee Serves believes that volunteerism makes the deepest impact when it is connected to a larger continuum of giving and serving. This continuum includes monetary and in-kind donations along with national service, corporate employee volunteering, and community engagement of all types. By connecting volunteers to the causes that need them, Genesee Serves further amplifies the power and talent within our community.


 We believe in…


Service with our Community

Volunteerism is at its best when it is driven by, responsive to, and aligned with community needs. When community members better understand local needs and how they can help, they take action to be part of the solution. When organizations unite to address local issues, they expand and deepen their impact. Genesee Serves helps link those who need help with those who can offer it.  


Service for All, Service by All

Genesee Serves is committed to cultivating a community where there are diverse opportunities for everyone to volunteer and service feels within reach for everyone. All volunteerism is valuable: from the classroom to the boardroom, from one-time events to yearlong national service, from youth groups to retirees. There is a role and a pathway to serve for everyone.


Service Done Well

Volunteerism is most effective when volunteers and host organizations are equipped for service – with the right skills and expectations. Volunteers commit longer and serve more often when there is a good fit with the service role.  Getting the right volunteer in the right role with the right cause translates to a satisfied volunteer and a meaningful, effective volunteer experience for the host organization.


Service as a Strategy

Every day, volunteers and host organizations make a positive difference in Genesee County. Measuring the impact and telling the story of their service acknowledges the meaningful work of the community and advances the importance of service as a strategy for community change. 


Service for Impact

Service provides a win-win-win scenario for Genesee County.  It enables community members to contribute their talents in fulfilling, innovative, needed, and even fun ways. It fosters an environment that helps volunteers develop skills for professional and personal growth. It supports organizations in meeting their missions with the time and expertise of volunteers. It builds a vital pipeline of talent and leadership in organizations and the broader community. Ultimately, it transforms good intentions into community needs met.


For more information please contact Rachel Wenzlick at 810-762-5823,